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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  December 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. breaking news from the east bay. a chp patrol car flips over during a high speed chase. what we now know about the injuries. there are months worth of repair work to do out here in lafayette after heavy rains over the weekend open up a huge hole in the road. a sink hole. we'll tell you what crews have to do later on this morning. we're live in month sir reason know where police are following leads to track down a killer. we'll show you a police sketch and tell you the latest on the investigation. there are growing concerns america will be going off that fiscal cliff if a few week. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning. welcome to a brand new day
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monday, december 3rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. steve paulson is here with the wild weather we had. and then what's in store for us. >> quiet today. there will be one more system coming in tomorrow you two. it's cold out there. a lot of upper 30s and 40s. the weekend system was very mild. that is not the case now. we had a lot of cool air. mostly sunny today. that will not be as strong as anything we saw. any rain forming is not so good. dry monday. patchy fog. we'll have more of that rain coming up. here's a live look at the mccarthur maze. you can see the traffic flowing nicely on the far right hand side. folks heading out to the bay bridge teleplay -- toll plaza. also traffic looking good. let's head back to the desk. we are tracking breaking in is where chp cruiser flipped over during a high speed pursuit that reached speeds of 100 miles an hour.
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it happened just after 3:00 this morning on 580 eastbound near flynn road. we're told two chp patrol cars were pursuing a driver when one of the officers lost control and flipped over. the officer was taken to the hospital to be checked out. new video just into our newsroom. a high speed chase in campbell has ended with an accident on north central avenue. that happened a short time ago. a car went through the backyard of a home in that area. no word yet if anyone was hurt. our time now 6:01. we are still on storm watch. we are looking at all the damage caused by the weekend rains including a big sink hole in lafayette. it happened yesterday on mountain view drive at lafayette creek. ktvu alex savidge has been there since 4:30. it's pretty big isn't it? >> reporter: it's a big sink hole. it could take several months to rebuild this roadway that collapsed yesterday. crews will be back here later on to get back to work. they will be using this heavy
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equipment to excavate the sink hole and try to dig debris out of the hole. it flooded from heavy rain yesterday. in the afternoon the soil just eroded and that is when the pavement out here gave way. utility lines under ground were impacted as well. gas line had to be capped immediately and crews had to create a sewer bypass to keep waste water from run into the creek. there was also a 12-inch water main that came close to rupturing. but it ended up staying intact in the end. now the cause of the collapse the pipe that diverts creek water under the roadway got backed up during the storm. >> number of logs. whole bunch of degree from upstream came down the creek. plugged the culvert. water had nowhere to go but over the top and it created an eddy. >> reporter: so now the city will begin to work on a long-
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term fix out here. perhaps they will put in some sort of a rack of some kind to catch debris that flows down the creek. but in all likelihood it will be a number of months. it may not be until spring until they entirely rebuild this bridge out here on mountain view drive. in the meantime this roadway will obviously remain closed as all that repair work goes on opinion inconvenience for a lot of people that live in this area. they will have to find an alternate route. live this morning in lafayette alex savidge. time now 6:03. residents still closely watching the napa river. but there is some good news this morning. the river is expected to stay below flood stage. several feet of water still cover a peach orchard. the water also flooded several roads and some vineyards. and this morning the power is out for hundreds of people. in fact, 2200 people have no electricity around the bay area. here are the latest numbers we just got them in from pg&e.
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the north bay and east bay more than 600 customers have no electricity right now. south bay outages effecting about 595 customers. in the santa cruz mountains 250 have no electricity. the peninsula and san francisco have fewer than 50 power outages to report at this hour. you can go to our channel 2 website and our mobile apps you will get the latest on the weather at any time anywhere. one local neighborhood is on high alert and the suspects are still on the loose after a deadly home invasion friday. ktvu janine de la vega has a look at the sketch police hope will lead them to an arrest. janine. >> reporter: pam, th morning police are combing through evidence they found in this mansion. they will not tell us how the homeowner was killed but they did release a sketch of the suspect. he is described as white or latino between 23-24 years old.
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he's around six feet tall and described as being skinny with black hair and dark eyes. this man and several others broke into this home early friday morning. when officers arrived, they found the house was ransacked and the body of 66koomra. his wife was beaten but did not have any serious injuries. he is the former owner of the historic winery. it's unknown if this couple was targeted or if this was a random home invasion robbery. police want anyone who might have information about the victim or if you recognize the man in the police sketch to give police a call. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. people on both sides of the same sex marriage issue will be closely watching the supreme court this morning. just about a half hour from now the high court is scheduled to release another list of cases it will review over the next
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few months. coming up at 6:15 what it means if california's proposition eight is on that list. time now 6:06. less than a month to go. it looks like congress is no closer from keeping the nation going over that list. the ball is in the republican's court. this is after geithner delivered a proposal from president obama. but house speaker john boehner says it is not a serious plan. >> i was flabbergasted. i looked at him and said you can't be serious. i just never seen anything like it. >> if they are going to force higher rates on virtually all americans because they are unwilling to let tax rates go up on 2% of americans, that is a choice we'll have to make. >> if congress doesn't act by the end of the year, tax rates will go up for everybody and across the board spending cuts will take effect. back here at home muni and
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other agent res are thinking of a controversial plan for fare rates. they are planning on basing fares on how much money passengers earn. some people don't think it's fair that people that are struggling to pay their bills have to pay $64 for a monthly pass while senior citizens who often have more money are only paying $22 for the same fare. 6:07 is the time. tara is in for sal this morning. there is an accident on the peninsula. >> that is right. a car hit the guardrail on the 101 northbound at third street. it looks like it's blocking the slow lane there. be careful if you're on 101 this morning through san mateo. up next we are going to take a look at our maps. we have another accident to report here. actually it's a car that has stalled out and the lane has blocked here. 101 northbound. up next a look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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you can see it is definitely congested now. the metering lights going on any second. definitely give yourself extra time into the city this morning. down in the south bay 237 milpitas you can see traffic on the far right hand side of the screen there. 6:08 here is steve. tara, thank you. a very good morning. what a system yesterday and totals coming in from wednesday into sunday were wow. lompico at 13.5 inches of the rain. cazadero rain that is in the russian river over 13. middingtown 12. mt. diablo 10.71. bruce brown 9.25. kentfield almost 9.5. la honda 8.74. blossom hill 5.75. it's dry today. patchy fog. nothing too outrageous yet.
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that can form between 6:00 and 8:00. rain returns tuesday. it won't be too heavy but our forecast models are trending a little heavier. high clouds today. mostly sunny partly cloudy. rain into wednesday and then out of here. then we will see a pattern change. there is one more system. today is that between day but right there a lot of cloud cover inching closer. 39 though much, much cooler here. low 40s livermore. you will notice there is a chill in the morning air. okay today and then one more system increasing clouds that will give us rain into wednesday morning. our cloud and rain forecast shows increasing clouds today. i think it's a little fast. by tuesday morning rain moves in and during the day starts to move into the north bay. and then there it is late tuesday into early wednesday. after that we will see it fall apart and go into a colder pattern. partly sunny today. patchy fog to the north. really not much of a change.
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and again one more system it won't be that strong but it will give us rain into wednesday and a break thursday and friday. time is 6:10. why the coast guard is in mourning for one of its own. the details of what happened off the southern california coast. after a public outburst katt williams is in trouble again. plus social media coming to the vatican. the new way the pope is connecting to millions of followers. well, well, well.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the coast guard is mourning the loss of one of its own. there have been reports of smugglers. small coast guard boat was rammed. horn suffered traumatic head injury and died. the other guardsman was treated for minor injuries. four people were found shot to death outside of a home in southern california. the bodies of two men and two women were found early yesterday morning in north ridge. police say the victims were face down along an outer walkway outside of what appeared to be an unlicensed boarding house. what led up to the shooting remains under investigation but no arrests have been made. new this morning secretary of state hillary clinton warning syria against using
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chemical weapons. >> i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible evidence. that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people. >> secretary clinton made that warning during a visit to the czech republic. it all follows intelligence reports that they have been moving chemical weapons in recent days. the court will finally weigh in on gay marriage. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom monitoring the high court. what is the latest? >> reporter: dave, in just about 20 minutes the supreme court is expected to release a list of cases it is going to consider this term. san francisco city officials tell us they will be ready to perform same sex weddings as
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early as tomorrow if the court decides not to take up proposition 8. california's ban on gay marriage. a lower court overturned the law and same sex marriage supporters are hoping the supreme court will let that decision stand. >> we are prepared for the crowds that we had in 2004 and 2008. and again we will just be open and ready for anyone who wants to come and get married. >> the justices are also considering several challenges to a federal law that limits benefits for same sex couples. several legal analysts are saying this morning that the justices might want to meet again to talk about which of the gay marriage cases they will consider and that meeting likely wouldn't happen until friday so the wait might continue. reporting live alison burns. more problems for controversial comedian katt williams. he was fighting with a worker at a bar. the day before he was caught on tape slapping an employee at a
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target store. days before that williams had a run in with police in downtown sacramento after he nearly hit five pedestrians. he was also arrested in oakland and had a very public meltdown on stage last month. all lanes have reopened on highway 580 but that is following a fatal accident involving a big rig and pedestrian. the chp says the pedestrian was hit and killed at 8:30 last night on westbound 580 near the harbor way exit. authorities are look into why the person was walking on the freeway and say the big rig driver is cooperating. the identity of the victim has not been released. your time 6:16. disability activists may sue to try to shut down a bike lane. the cyclists right now can ride between parked cars on the sidewalk along 1.5 miles of john f. kennedy drive. the speeds of both cars and bikes have been lowered since that loan opened. however disability activists say the bike lane makes it harder for them to get on to
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and use the sidewalk. there may soon be changes to san francisco central subway project coming up for you at 6:25. a controversial idea that may now be abandoned. pope benedict is joining twitter. pope benedict has his own twitter handle now and will start tweeting december 12th. the pope will tweet in six languages. his twitter handle l -- even though the pope has not sent any tweets yet, he already has more than 35,000 followers. >> you're a big twitter person. you would be interacting. >> the vatican has been tweeting. but now the pope himself. 6:17. we have to check in with tara. what just happened in lafayette? >> we have a traffic hazard. it's one of the most random traffic hazards i have ever seen on the chp website. we apparently have a large gasoline style pump in the center divider. this is off highway 24 in lafayette.
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it's at the west tunnel road onramp. to be aware of it. this is a live look at the area. you can see traffic is getting a little congested. up next a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes. and 680 at the sunol grade southbound traffic there bunching up a bit. you can see the brake lights there as folks make their way toward fremont. here is steve. thank you. a little bit of a break here. patchy fog. we'll have one more system for rain. it will not be as strong as any of the three we just saw. it will still give us rain. and pattern changes. what is interesting north way alaska 50 below. fair bank, alaska 30 below. there are signs we are going into a cooler pattern. first let's focus on rainfall totals which have been incredible over the last five days. santa rosa 181% of normal. 13.5 inches of rain. i think you're doing fine.
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you might have had an inch of that by wednesday morning. san francisco average 4.81. almost up to eight inches of rain. 165% of normal. if you go a couple miles away you can double or triple some of the amounts. or observer tom had 5.75. there was a lot of rain near san jose. not bad today. mostly sunny. much, much cooler. 39 napa. 39 santa rosa. patchy fog also up toward the north bay as well. we will get rain out of it. nothing too outrageous. it will make it into late tuesday and wednesday. then things look quiet into the weekend when we go partly cloudy and colder. partly sunny today. mostly sunny to the south. more clouds to the north. 50s and 60s on the temps. there won't be much of a difference on the highs dead.
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reaching clouds tuesday. rain moves in on the north bay. thursday, friday look good. here comes that colder windy pattern on sunday with snow. demand to replace cars and trucks damaged by hurricane sandy boosting car sales. the sales jumped 14% compared to the same time last year. ford reports at 7:00 this morning gm reports an hour later. among foreign car makers analysts expect honda to see a sales increase of 33%. they also believe volkswagen will see a 25% jump in sales. which will boost it past its sales for the whole year. it's one of the stories you are talking about. what happened with a dolphin at sea world. you have to see what happened to this little girl. now there is a demand that sea world make changes. plus new information on the cat and mouse game silicon valley millionaire mcafee is playing with police in central america. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. if you haven't seen it pretty surprising video at sea world in florida where a dolphin bit an eight-year-old girl. girl's father there it is caught it on video and posted it on youtube. the dolphin bit the girl while
6:25 am
she was feeding it a piece of fish. she was not seriously hurt. they posted the video online because they want sea world to make some changes including an age requirement to feed the dolphins. educators and animal care staff are always on site monitoring all of the exhibits. in japan at least nine people are dead. seven others are still missing after a tunnel collapsed on a major highway. it happened yesterday at about 50 miles west of tokyo. supports made of concrete and metal suddenly gave way causing a 350-foot section of the ceiling to fall on top of cars. rescue efforts have been put on hold because of fallen debris. the tunnel had just passed a routine inspection in september. there is a new development back here in san francisco central subway project. the chronicle reports muni is
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ready to abandon controversial plans to dig out the section in north beach. muni wanted to dig up parts of columbus avenue no remove drilling machines. some neighbors were against the idea. muni says it will remove the machines near the abandoned theater. time now 6:25. despite reports of his arrest it appears tech mogul john mcafee is still on the run from the law. there was a post on his blog that he had been packture -- captured but belize said mcafee's whereabouts are still unknown. 6:25 is the time. let's go back over to tara who is following traffic for us this morning. what is going on? >> it's pretty slow going on the bay bridge. metering lights are on. we will head down to the south bay take a live look at 280. you can see the headlights are folks heading northbound as you
6:27 am
make your way toward santa clara. 680 at the sunol grade no problem. 6:26 let's head over to steve. thank you. well we have colder readings here this morning with 30s and 40s. but today won't be too bad. we'll have partly sunny and partly cloudy skies. one more rain system coming in. in three minutes from now the supreme court will release a very important list. what is on that list could determine thely gal status of same sex marriage in california. storm has passed but some of the damage won't be fixed for months. chp patrol car flips over in the middle of the freeway. we'll tell you how the two officers inside are doing following a high speed chase. and the opening bell is about to ring. tell you why k-mart is there
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along with other retailers doing some very good work.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. just getting ready to ring that opening bell this morning. and a lot of children there and there are children in need. they are getting a lot of help from st. jude's children research hospital. you might recognize the woman in red there. it's that girl. that's right. for those of you remember. march la thomas does a lot of good work there and sears holding company owns kmart now pay have teamed up -- now they have teamed up with st. jude's children research hospital. they are really sick and in need of their help. honoring them this morning. there is the opening bell live. could be a very good day.
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futures indicate a nice strong morning. good economic news out of china. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. it is a monday. it's december 3rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time 16:-- 6:30. >> a lot to tell you about. we have tracking breaking news at the altamont pass. that is where a chp flipped over during a high speed chase. allie rasmus has been on this since 4:30 this morning. what do you know? >> reporter: i just got an update with chp spokeswoman sergeant dee an that. it turns out there wasn't just one chp officer involved but two. both officers were riding in the vehicle you see there. they are both okay. their patrol car flipped over during a high speed chase. that chase happened at 3:20 this morning on eastbound 580
6:32 am
between greenville road and north flynn road exits. now the chase initially started on eastbound 580 near isabel road after the officers tried to pull over a driver and passenger for speeding on the highway. chp sergeant says she is just glad there were not many cars on the road and no one was seriously hurt. >> that is the primary concern that we have is that people aren't harmed in these situations and continuing to provide that safety for the public is the important factor. >> reporter: now another chp patrol car was eventually able to stop that speeding driver out near tracy. both the driver and the passenger were arrested. live in livermore allie rasmus. time now 6:31. a man is in jail after leading police on an overnight high speed chase from san jose to oakland.
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ech -- chp says this driver got on interstate 880 after not stopping for a traffic violation. it lasted several miles and the driver got off the freeway. finally stopped by spike strips on the road on moraga avenue right near mountain view cemetery. the big storm has moved past us but the bay area still feeling its effects. in marin county there won't be any classes because of the storm damage. white hill middle school suffered significant flooding in several classrooms and in the library. principal also says much of the campus is covered in mud. school officials have not yet decided when classes will resume. forecasters now say the russian river won't jump its banks afterall. a flood warning has been canceled. sonoma county opened an emergency operation center in case of flooding but closed it after the danger passed. excavator will arrive to dig out debris from a clogged creek that created a huge sink
6:34 am
hole in lafayette. it happened yesterday on mountain view drive at lafayette creek. take a look. water overflowed the creek and eroded the street. the sidewalk cracked then the road collapsed. now there is a 20-foot hole in the ground. >> sounded like a big thud. just a big really heavy it shook the ground. >> a whole bunch of debris from upstream came down the creek. plugged the culvert. water had nowhere to go but over the top. >> busted water, sewage, and gas lines under the road are compounding the problem. crews will work to secure the hole today. then the city must replace the culvert. we are told a new bridge probably won't be built until next spring. don't forget as the storms move through we're at the beginning of winter almost. log on to and our mobile apps for the very latest weather any time anywhere. 6:34. this morning the family of bart police shooting victim oscar
6:35 am
grant will go back to court. coming up at 6:45 the lawsuit that grant's family wants to move forward. we're also waiting to hear from the u.s. supreme court. they will release a list of cases. the fate of same sex marriage here in california can depend on what is on that list. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning good morning, dave. it could be a historic day for proponents of proposition 8. we are expected to hear any moment now from the u.s. supreme court whether they will hear that case. that remains a big key. if they do decide to hear the case 245 means for at least for now prop 8 stands and gay marriage will remain not legal in california. if that is the case we are hearing it could be june until the ultimate ruling would be. the second one they will not hear the ruling at all.
6:36 am
gay marriage in the state would be legal. the third scenario in this whole equation was something we saw on saturday the supreme court would postpone putting it on the docket list. of course this is a huge decision as we take back it out here live. of course if we hear anything further we will keep you updated. live in the castro district i'm brian flores. today state lawmakers will honor the east bay boy scout who was denied his eagle award because he is gay. ryan was told days before his 18th birthday he would not be given the eagle scout award despite meeting the requirements. they need to be younger than 18 to receive the highest award. today the assembly will honor andreson for speaking out. before that state lawmakers will take the oath of office. that allows them to raise taxes
6:37 am
with little concern over a republican opposition. leaders say they will avoid doing that consider the voters just passed proposition 30. republicans and governor brown say they will be watching democrats. let's get you moving. tara you're watching the toll plaza. >> that is right. we have the typical backup you would see at this hour. no major delays. the cab looks breath good -- looks pretty good. let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see what i'm talking about here. you will probably need an extra 15 minutes to get into san francisco this morning. those metering lights are on. highway 4 through bay point this is the pittsburgh area. traffic is a little slow going here westbound. finally 280 in san jose traffic on the right hand side there northbound as you drive toward san francisco. also a little slow going seeing brake lights there. again give yourself an extra couple minutes this morning. 6:37 here is steve. thank you. a little bit of a break today.
6:38 am
we have higher clouds. patchy fog. but it's a dry day today. there is one more system coming in. it's much, much weaker than the three we just saw. it will still give rain. but more on a line of about a tenth or quarter of an inch. we'll be adding to some of the totals but we'll not see huge amounts. over the wednesday through sunday time frame cazadero had over 13 inches of rain. mt. diablo ten and three quarters. kentfield 9.5 inches of rain. yountville nine and a third. dry monday. fog forming. patchy fog petaluma also santa rosa and napa. a few high clouds. partly sunny and cloudy. rain makes it tuesday night. after that we will see a pattern change. in fact do not be surprised if we go into a colder pattern.
6:39 am
it could be one for the sierra, nevada by sunday. it's beginning to turn colder -- it's going to turn colder around here. 30s and 40s much, much cooler this morning. those were mid pacific systems. this one our forecast models are also trending wetter with that. we'll see rain out of that. after that the pattern will definitely change. today is that day if you need to get out and take care of something. partly sunny. high clouds. the day is very, very short. highs in the upper 50s to very low 60s. but not by much. increasing clouds tuesday. rain starts in the authority bay. nothing too heavy. i would not be surprised if an inch of rain falls. we'll take it into wednesday and clear it out thursday and friday. then we go into a cooler pattern cold and windy here. reaction continues in kansas city after the murder suicide involving an nfl
6:40 am
player. we're now hearing from jovan belcher's agent. we're live in month sir reason know where police -- month sir reason know. 880 near the oakland coliseum. no problems here. we'll show you am couple hot spots coming up in traffic. ,0 b
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good morning. well a beautiful sunrise over the big city. few high clouds. today will be dry. partly sunny and mostly cloudy. rain returns tuesday. we'll talk about it coming up. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:42. two chp officers recovering. their patrol car flipped over this morning during a high speed chase at the altamont pass. this happened at 580 eastbound near flynn road. neither officer was seriously hurt. it may take months in lafayette to fix the road this big sink hole caused by a clogged creek. now it opened up yesterday on mountain view drive it's about 20 feet wide. the crews will be working to try to shore up that road today. and this just came in. the u.s. supreme court just released its list of cases it
6:44 am
will review this term. proposition 8 california's same sex law is not on today's list. we don't know for sure what that will mean. it could mean the court will deny that it will consider proposition 8 which would mean same sex marriage could be legal again here in california or the court could hold decision. coming up at 7:05 this morning. ktvu brian flores is in san francisco. he will give you reaction to what just happened from the castro district in san francisco. police are looking for the suspects of a deadly home invasion in the south bay. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is in the neighborhood where it all happened with more details on the investigation. >> reporter: pam, people who live in this neighborhood are eager to find out answers in this case. police spent all weekend analyzing evidence that they gathered here at this mansion and they are doing the same thing today. they want the public to take a good look at this suspects sketch. he is described as white or
6:45 am
latino. he is six feet tall and skinny with black hair and dark eyes. investigators say he is one of the men responsible for breaking into this multimillion dollar moment last friday and killing 66-year-old koomra and beating his wife. they are not saying how he is killed and whether this was a targeted home invasion robbery or random. now we have been trying to get in touch with his relatives. back out here live earlier we did see several lights on at the home and we called the home number. the woman who answered said that she was a guest and hung up on us. we are also trying to get in touch with police to find out new details about the case. we have not received a call back yet. reporting live from monte sereno janine de la vega.
6:46 am
new this morning jovan belcher's agent is speaking out. he calls saturday's events shocking. there is is no indication that would have determined a troubled past. they shot and killed his girlfriend at his home and drove to the stadium and killed himself right in front of his coach and general manager. police are still searching for a motive. >> we just will never know unfortunately. and i think that is the great debate of this. how and why. >> the team decided to play their game against the carolina panthers yesterday. before kickoff. the crowd observed a moment of silence. but there was no mention of belcher. your time now 6:45. this is day seven of a strike of the nation's busiest port. clerical workers started picketing last tuesday. they say they have been trying to negotiate a new contract for
6:47 am
2.5 years. they're also claiming their jobs are being shipped out of state and overseas. port officials deny that. most dock workers are not crossing the picket lines and the shippers say this strike is costing the port as much as $1 billion every day. major development project is moving forward. now have 2348 the end of the month to choose a new home. the project includes up to 8,000 new homes along with new commercial and office space. there have been obstacles including financing, also concerns about toxic waste on the island. attorneys for oscar grants family -- grant was shot and killed by bart police officer johan necessary mehserle on the
6:48 am
platform of the fruitvale station. at 9:00 this morning two oakland civil rights ordinary reasons to will argue before the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco that bart police officers should not receive legal immunity against civil suit filed by grant's family. time now 6:47. tara is back with more about that accident on the peninsula. >> that is right. we actually have an incident here it's a solo vehicle. this is in the san mateo area. be aware of it. we're going to take a live look at our maps and show you where we do have trouble presidents here. this is typical for livermore area. if we head up into contra costa county into the pittsburg area it's a little slow. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on. sun just starting to come up here. you're looking at an extra 10- 15 minutes to get into san francisco. in milpitas a lot of brake
6:49 am
lights here. this is the typical what we see on 237 as you head westbound. 6:48 here's steve. >> thank you. mostly sunny. maybe partly cloudy skies today. a little bit of a break. rain returns into the north bay tomorrow. forecast models put two-thirds of an inch of rain on sfo wednesday morning. this system that is still out here is trending a little wetter. i'm not surprised. that has been the pattern. dry monday though. patchy fog forming much chilly. chillier. rain returns to the north bay. for everyone late tuesday into wednesday morning one more system then the pattern will change. we will go into a colder pattern. brutally cold air up in alaska. look for a pattern change. more of a cold and windy one. 30s. upper 30s in there. livermore 42. even 45 at the oakland airport. 40s even down to san jose.
6:50 am
not too bad. not too bad looking system. cloud and rain forecast. i think these will become a little more bullish here pretty soon. they are a little too weak on it right now. nothing until tuesday. then it moves into the north bay. then tuesday night it will start to move south. there is the system right there. wednesday morning we'll see another round of rain. again it won't be anything like the three we just had. after that things will change. mostly sunny and partly cloudy. colder morning. bundle up a little bit. 50s and 60s. everyone will be really, really close on the highs today. clouds increase. rain starts on tuesday. goes into tuesday night. wednesday morning rain day. clears out thursday into friday looks good. then we go into a cooler much colder pattern. windy on sunday. online holiday shopping in the period that started right after halloween set a new
6:51 am
record. shoppers spent nearly $20.5 billion during that 30-day period. that is 13% more than spent online. some of that was driven by black friday and cyber monday sales. after that warm weather may have driven people from their computers and into the stores and malls. vampires and spies remain the big draw at the movie theater. twilight and james bond sold more than $45 million tickets combined. brad pitt killing them softly was the top release. >> that was surprising. time now 6:15. they are calling it a miracle in oregon. how a car was crushed. two people inside the remarkable stories told afterwards. paying up on a world series bet. how detroit's mayor will be
6:52 am
spending his day in san francisco.
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a little pop on the opening
6:55 am
here. dow jones up 23 points after good economic news in china. and this morning in europe as well. rescuers call it a miracle. a couple in oregon walked away after a huge tree fell on their car. it's a 100-foot tall tree fell moments after the couple parked outside of a house in canby. firefighters rescued them from that crushed car by dragging them out of a window. they were shaken up but not seriously hurt. >> they must have had a bright light shining down on them. if you look at the drivers compartment there is a space of about two loafs of bread in there. how the husband survived is remarkable. >> space for a loaf of bread. the trees root system rotted and that is why the tree fell. four people including three firefighters in the hospital after a serious accident in orinda. it happened yesterday morning eastbound highway 24 near
6:56 am
wilder road. it all started when an suv crashed into the center divider. that triggered a chain reaction crash involving several other vehicles. now while one of the drivers and three firefighters were standing on the right shoulder, yet another suv lost control pushing another car into them. all of them were rushed to the hospital with major injuries. heavy rains caused major flooding at a mobile home park. that happened early yesterday morning at newel mobile home city which is about a mile south of six flags. a creek that surrounds the mobile home park overflowed causing the flooding. some of the homes were damaged. last few storms to hit the bay area good news for ski resorts. as much as three feet of new snow fell on slopes over the weekend. many of the resorts were closed yesterday because of high winds. we do have complete storm watch coverage all the time online. the storm watch tab of
6:57 am
you will find video, our storm tracker two. and on our photos tab you can check out viewer pictures of some of the storm damage. mayor of detroit is in san francisco to make good on his world series bet the san francisco mayor ed lee. you remember the giants swept the detroit tigers four games back in october. detroit mayor dave bing and san francisco mayor ed lee vowed the leader of the losing team's city would tour economic ventures and also perform community service in the winning team's city. the mayors will tour san francisco's companies twitter and green start and go over to at & t park for another tour. they will meet from kids from the junior giants baseball program. if you're heading to tonight's warriors game, you're being asked to bring something with you. a new unwrapped toy. this is in support of the oakland mayor's community toy drive. the first 400 fans to donate a toy will receive a limited edition golden state warriors
6:58 am
photo. let's check our commute. tara says they're not driving real fast in pittsburg. >> no. we do have an incident down the peninsula if we take a look at our maps you can see that solo car spinout. one lane is blocked and does seem to cause delays there. in oakland 880 near the coliseum no delays to speak of. traffic is moving along pretty well. 6:57 here is steve. tara, thank you. a little bit of break from the rain today. there is very thick fog out there. highway 37 some report there is. we will get a break today but there will be one system that will come in today. we'll have more coming up on mornings on 2. also coming upon mornings on 2 the bay area we've been talking about drying out from a series of the powerful storms. but you will see how the rain and wind is still causing big problems this morning. also overnight news from the east bay high speed chase
6:59 am
involves that chp vehicle.


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